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Dermscan Poland

Recente creation of Dermscan Poland in Gdansk with a former collaborator - Claire Borowka (over five years of clinical trial experience within the Dermscan Group).

  1. Development of a team of technical and medical specialists
  • Dermatologists, gynecologists, etc.
  • Laboratory technicians

  1. Network of clinical investigators
  • Collaboration with local CROs
  • Preferential relations with private or hospital doctors

  1. Clinical Investigation Center (CIC) – On-site studies
  • Tolerance studies
  • Clinical studies of efficacy

  1. Contract Research Organization (CRO) – Studies in doctor’s offices, in hospital centers or in CIC locales
  • Study coordination and monitoring

  1.  The 'pluses'
  • Diversification of test sites and subjects recruited (continental weather conditions, Caucasian panel, etc.)
  • Simplification of regulatory procedures
  • Acceleration of study implementation











  1. Claire BOROWKA
  • General Manager



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